Welcome to the "under construction" page for the "Animal Angels" or "Animal Rights Angels" page.  

This is where we will develop the program for humans to work in close partnership with local Citizens, Officials, Animal Control Officers (ACOs), Police, Shelters and Rescues to investigate, gather documentation, track and assist with the improvement in the lives of animals in need of our help.

We will also combine all the documentation together to assist with educating the Public, Law Makers, Law Enforcement and Owners in the efforts to improve, wording, education and enforcement of animal protection laws.  To see the big picture instead of isolated events and develop programs for long term improvements.

We are recruiting people with the skills and passions to help develop this program on the local levels and assist other communities in developing their own programs.

We need to develop the following:

  1. Mission Statement(s)
  2. Planning and Program Development
  3. Functional Teams and Partnerships
  4. Ongoing Operations
  5. Program Growth
  6. Funding
  7. etc.

We need people who are team players with virtually every skill needed to build and run programs.